The World As We See It

March 2021



After all the drama, relief and euphoria, the USA got a new President who has not wasted any time and hit the ground running, so to say. 

Can you imagine it’s already been a year since the lockdowns began? Time indeed passes by so swiftly. On one hand, the coronavirus is still lurking around and new strains are emerging across the world even as the global vaccination program picks up pace with over 304…

RetailTech: Making Shopping Hi-Tech

March 2021

The average Indian consumer has grown beyond the ‘roti, kapda, makaan’ paradigm to become more demanding and discerning about consumption. Inarguably, Indian consumers drive a hard bargain and are highly cost conscious. However, in addition to compelling prices, consumers today also desire a great shopping experience, customised services, and a wider range of product offerings. This has created new imperatives for retailers and precipitated the need to create a collaborative and agile retail ecosystem where the…

Education Technology - Enhancing Learning Outcomes

• 22nd Dec, 20  

Quality education forms the bulwark of a progressive and robust society. It not only accelerates growth but also acts as a moat against competing economies. Case in point being India’s engineers that continue to helm the world’s leading technology and software companies. The Indian education system has traversed a long journey from the early days of the gurukul system to virtual classes today. It is now undergoing yet…


HealthTech - Providing The Much-Needed Antidote

• 3rd Dec, 20  

The healthcare ecosystem today is a system of extremes. While our understanding of the human body and disease has grown by leaps and bounds, our healthcare systems, i.e., the way we treat patients is firmly tethered to the mid-20th century. Patient treatments continue to be reactive and siloed when they actually need to be preventive and connected. As a result of this, universal health coverage remains a distant dream for many countries across…


HealthTech - Future of Analytical Life Sciences Instrumentation

• 28th Jul, 20  

Thoughts shared by Gautam Rajan, CEO - Marsap Services Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Although analytics have caught everyone’s attention in the last decade, analytical techniques have existed for more than a hundred years. Raman has been around since the 1920s, while Liquid Chromatography celebrated its 50th anniversary just a couple years back. Moreover, our daily lives are constantly influenced by analytical devices ranging from PUC machines for our vehicles to mass spectrometers used…


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