The World As We See It

May 2020


The global economy has been hit hard with the ongoing pandemic. COVID-19 has implications for global health and wellness, economy, and businesses. Global growth expectations have fallen off a cliff - from a 3.3% growth predicted for the year by IMF in their January 2020 publication, they have swiftly changed to it a negative 3% prediction. While the recession started in the real economy with forced lockdowns and production halts,…

Working From Home - A New Paradigm?

May 2020

A lot has been said and heard about work from home (WFH), hasn’t it? Yes, and a lot remains to be understood, experienced and then improvised upon. Remember, WFH has become a reality for the majority of us only since the past two months. Normally, we shove ourselves in overcrowded trains and buses to reach our work place by 9AM to do what could have been done from the luxury of our…

HealthTech - Future of Analytical Life Sciences Instrumentation

• 28th Jul, 20  

Thoughts shared by Gautam Rajan, CEO - Marsap Services Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Although analytics have caught everyone’s attention in the last decade, analytical techniques have existed for more than a hundred years. Raman has been around since the 1920s, while Liquid Chromatography celebrated its 50th anniversary just a couple years back. Moreover, our daily lives are constantly influenced by analytical devices ranging from PUC machines for our vehicles to mass spectrometers used…


Digital India

• 17th Sep, 19  

By Rajesh Sehgal (Managing Partner, Equanimity Investments)

This article was published in the Q2 2019 edition of BDO India's The PEriodical, a Quarterly Private Equity Newsletter 

Various estimates, including World Bank, IMF, ADB and a variety of rating agencies, peg India’s growth rate to be in the region of 7% per annum, over the foreseeable future. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has set a target of making India a USD 05 trillion economy by 2024. This implies a near doubling…


New kids on the block - India's startups

• 12th Sep, 19  

By Rajesh Sehgal (Managing Partner, Equanimity Investments)

If you drill down to the basics, you will realise the true reason why you invest at all. It is to generate returns so that you are able to create a nest egg for your future years. It is to ensure that your money is working as hard as you are for all your productive years, and provides you with a cushion in your time of need. So, how…


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